Wednesday, 28 March 2012

infinite thoughts

A night spent wondering about a million different things of all no relative connection to each other alone can reveal a lot of our minds capacity, which would include our conscious and sub-conscious minds!

The subjects we cover are vastly as a result of our understanding and related to our physical experiences. For example:
We think of things and how they affect us, like if we release an object from our hand, we know that it will fall, with all belief and no reservation. This is what we expect, as this is what we ave been exposed to since the time we were born. The actual fact that we all  know, is that it falls to the ground due to gravity and if we happen to be in a place where the effects of gravity isn't acting on us, the object would simply remain.

We can extend this type of understanding in everything else we come into contact with, thus filling our minds with endless questions on how or why certain things occur. Why do we comprehend some things, yet we cannot understand other things?

Knowing what we know now, and understanding that there are a lot of things we yet do not know is the reason for, what we refer to as, advancement (in our thinking, understanding, minds). We continuously learn things, find ourselves asking questions about them and on finding some answers that add to our understandings, do we progress in this advancement.

Ideas that i constantly find myself pondering over are basic issues which deal with an ideal way of living, a type of Utopia. I understand that we can lead our lives knowing very little, or knowing a little more. The part of knowing very little would seem quite meaningless to some off us, as we have curious minds and are always looking for ways to make ourselves better. I am of those who are the curious type.

I believe in revelation, thus i also believe in Divinity. I feel that we all have a purpose to live, and hence, we have to make the most of it.

Billions of people, thinking billions of different thoughts throughout their lives, might just help you understand the permutations of what kind of potential advancement we have as a human race, but although we feel that we are moving light years ahead since technology is progressing as it is, i feel that we are only starting to tap into our natural resource of the human mind.

Previously, people referred to as pioneers of their times, designed and came up with solutions to problems and making life better as a whole. There were also times, where these curious minds came up with certain ideas only to find out that another person discovered the very same thing only a short while ago, or an invention was thought about already. This shows us, that these ideas are not unique!

In part, i would like to just finish up today's post by saying that once we have a little understanding of what we can be capable off, we will not give up easily on problems we face everyday. If we specifically cannot find a solution to a problem, somewhere someone else can.

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