Thursday, 12 April 2012

Everyone is a scholar and a teacher

Discoveries are made at every second, every moment, every time. From the time we are brought into this world, till the time we pass on, we all discover a multitude of things. We learn about our surroundings, our interactions and also about ourselves to an extent.

People have been discovering things from the very first occurrence of humans. We discovered how to communicate, and passed this on, we discovered how to eat, live and passed all of this on as well. We constantly have these questions we find in our minds such as who thought that milking a cow would give us milk that we can drink. When discoveries are made, people learn them, record them in some way (the beginning of songs and rhymes before we learnt to write) and pass them on to following generations. As these get passed on, they get refined, and we advance/progress in our understanding. This process has been carrying on since the very beginning, and we find ourselves understanding so much about our surroundings and ourselves today.

We do however sometimes feel that we may know too much as a human race to progress any further, and thus have an outlook to life that we are fine as we are, but this seems to me to be a flawed case, since i believe that we have to keep evolving to survive with our ever changing environment and circumstance. We do make mistakes and also carry these forward, but we are however naive to the detrimental outcomes of these things until very much later. Classic examples of these kinds of mistakes are the ones of carbon emissions into our atmosphere causing a depletion in the ozone layer, pollution of our surroundings which kill the lands, even in the past working with substances that have an effect on our health such as Asbestos fibers.

On an individual scale of a single human being's lifespan, we find that we make our own discoveries from the time we are made. We develop and learn things consciously and subconsciously.

My point for today is that everyone of us have the potential to discovery of things which have not yet been discovered, and we should take advantage with this. We can make all the discoveries we want but none of it would be useful unless we can share it and pass it on. This brings me to the point of education, which is one of the main sources for our individual discoveries. We learn lots of things through being educated, and we also learn in some ways, to teach ourselves, and hence progress. We need to be able to encourage each other and learn from each other.

Education is a cornerstone in our existence and development. The way we can deal with life, depend on what we learn and how we apply ourselves. We are all potentially the best teachers for the things we understand the most, and we all need to be scholars to those teachers who understand things better than us.

Go teach someone something and learn to understand what they have to offer as well. We are a great creation, let try and fulfill our capacities.

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